Would Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) Be Good For You?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy In Temecula BHRT Biote Pellet Therapy for Women & Men

Hormone Deficiency In Women

Hormonal imbalances are more frequent than you would think. This is a problem for women of all ages. Each woman has a unique hormonal balance, but when it is disrupted, symptoms emerge. You may be suffering exhaustion, low libido, hot flashes, night sweats, a decrease in lean muscle and weight gain, as well as mood changes on a regular basis. Regaining balance and feeling like yourself again can be difficult and stressful. 

We've created a quiz to analyze hormone imbalance in women to assist you understand what you're going through. When your body suffers from a hormonal imbalance, you begin to encounter symptoms that you have never experienced before and most likely, do not desire. We Can Help! Begin by taking our quiz. We'll get you on the path to hormonal balance again!

Female Hormone Deficiency Questionnaire

Biote Hormone Therapy Temecula Reduces Anxiety in Men

Low Testosterone In Men

"Andropause" is a term used to describe male menopause, often known as low T. Reduced testosterone levels can induce hormonal changes that result in unpleasant symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, weight gain, lower libido, erectile dysfunction, exhaustion, muscle loss, and mood changes. As a man ages, his testosterone levels gradually decline. We've designed a quiz to help you assess whether you may be suffering from Low T.

The Androgen Quiz is a low testosterone test that helps men decide whether they should see a doctor about the symptoms they are experiencing. This quiz has questions about the symptoms of androgen deficiency. If you answered "Yes" to several of these questions, or even just one, you may have low testosterone and should consult our hormone therapy specialists at Temecula Hormone Therapy in Temecula, CA.

Male Low Testosterone Questionnaire