Pelvic Floor Strengthening Sessions for All in Temecula CA

At THA, we understand the challenges that can arise when dealing with persistent pelvic floor issues using traditional methods. That's why we are thrilled to introduce Emsella Pelvic Floor Strengthening treatments, a revolutionary solution that redefines the approach to pelvic floor health. Emsella employs an innovative fusion of thermal and mechanical energy, directly targeting the underlying factors that contribute to pelvic floor strength and function, transcending mere superficial interventions. Our skilled and experienced team harnesses the precision of Emsella's cutting-edge technology to administer thousands of targeted muscle contractions, effectively enhancing pelvic muscle tone and addressing pelvic floor concerns. The result? A naturally improved pelvic floor and a boost in your body confidence, allowing you to regain control and feel empowered.

Tighten and tone your pelvic floor without discomfort or pain!

THA, a community trusted Medical Provider, offers Pelvic Floor Strengthening treatments that help you regain bladder control and intimacy wellness.

ncontinence spares no one, impacting an astonishing 95% of both men and women. If you're part of the 65% seeking relief, it's essential to recognize that resolving this issue involves more than a single solution. Achieving a firmer body entails embracing a comprehensive strategy that takes into account various elements, including diet, existing body fat percentages, physical engagement, and external influences.

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EMSELLA stands alone as the pioneering device that seamlessly combines thermal and mechanical energies, effectively targeting every significant factor that contributes to incontinence.

  • 95% Quality Of Life Increase
  • 75% Pad Reduction
  • A 98% Rate of Satisfied Patients

Experience Confidence and Relief with EMSELLA