Unlock the path to balance and well-being with our Hormone Harmony Wellness Package. This exclusive membership is designed to support your journey towards optimal hormonal health. Tailored for individuals seeking a holistic approach, our package includes personalized consultations with certified experts, comprehensive hormone assessments, and a curated set of fitness and nutrition plans.

Hormone Wellness Membership (Biote)

$173/month for 6 months

$163/month for 12 months

How it works:

  • We obtain your blood lab collection to check your current levels of Testosterone, Estrogen, Thyroid, as well as several other important factors.  (initial cost of labs valued at $2,000)
  • Schedule a lab review in a week with one of our providers to go over your labs in detail and establish a care plan once it’s determined that Biote is your best treatment option.
  • Begin initial Biote pellet therapy insertion regimen. You will be feeling better in just a few weeks.
  • ‍Includes all office visits, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, active monitoring, pellet insertion appointments & 10% off additional aesthetic and wellness services.