Lead Aesthecian

Sharone Utter - Medical Esthetician

Sharone Utter

Medical Esthetician with 23 years of experience in the medical field. Emphasizes establishing a relationship with customers and patients. Experience with sales in the representation of skin care products in correspondence to treatments. Personalization is a top priority when providing services, and creating a comfortable environment. Charismatic and persistent nature is demonstrated through hard work and dedication in providing excellent service, consistently.

  • Skin Therapist skilled in diverse treatments requiring advanced knowledge and extensive education. Excellence demonstrated in sales and customer service establishes loyalty to a business. Highly organized and efficient, and very detail-oriented in managing an effective and profitable operation.
  • Promotor operations and experience in event planning for large events. Helping promote business activity as well as establishing a connective space for the local community. Excelling at communication and exceeding client expectations.